More and more entrepreneurs and people pursuing their independent work like doctors, lawyers, accountants, coaches and consultants turn to Virtual Assistants since they can work with highly qualified assistants and at the same time these Virtual Assistants are employed only for real tasks and paid for the actual work.

This is a favourable solution for smaller enterprises and companies that do not run their own secretariat and communication office but would need a highly qualified professional who can assist these businesses by accomplishing administrative everyday tasks.

You can save time that you can use on improving your own business and at the same time you can leave a professional impression.

You can even spare 80% of the expenses you have to cover for fixed employees since you will pay only for the actual work done on hourly basis or on the basis of a semi-annual or annual package deal contract. It also implies that you do not have to be responsible for the motivation of your employees and for other work-related problems and you do not have to spend on paid holidays, extra working hours, sick-pay or 13th month payment.

You can also avoid the high fixed expenses of running an office and the logistical problem of providing equipment like purchasing computers and covering the expenses of telephone subscriptions.


You can work with your Virtual Assistant for certain hours or periods to meet the exact needs of your business or you can even make a favourable semi-annual or annual contract.


People says…

“I had the pleasure of working with Krisztina in my role as SVP Manufacturing Processes of Ferrari SpA. Krisztina was always reliable, punctual, accurate and organized as well moreover, she had a positive and smiling attitude at all times. Organising and managing of different events are parts of a professional background that goes far beyond the profession of a management assistant in which position Krisztina’s performance was always the best. She was also able to manage the complex and urgent situations perfectly.”

Mario Almondo – President and CEO of BREMBO China at BREMBO S.p.A.


 “During the period in which Krisztina has worked with me she always has had a very professional approach. She was always very credible and accountable with all interfaces both inside Ferrari and with external contacts; providing me with the possibility to organize my activities in a quite effective and efficient way.”

Sergio Carpentiere – Chief Procurement Officer presso CNH Industrial


“Krisztina worked with me for about 2 years. She always proved to be a reliable and accurate colleague therefore
she could manage my time fast in an organized way.
Krisztina turned out to be an important support for me while I worked as Ferrari VP Operations.
Her attitude guaranteed me the opportunity of managing such a complex territory.”

Sebastiano Rio – Brembo After Market Business Unit


“I had the pleasure in working with Krisztina while I was the Purchasing Director of Ferrari SpA.
Krisztina is an organized person that way it gave me great pleasure that we could work together. She ran my agenda very efficiently by definding the priorities as well. As part of my responsibilities I had to deal with the VIP events and Krisztina, with the Communication Department , was always able to manage those events proacivelly and professionally.”

Sylvain Dubois – Managing Director Asia at Automotive Lighting Magneti Marelli


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