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I am Krisztina Fekecs and I graduated at the Faculty of Hotel Managment of the Budapest Business School as hotel and catering economist. In Héviz (one of the most prosperous town of Hungary), I worked as Assistant Front Office Manager in a four-star hotel. Afterwards, in Italy working for Ferrari Maranello for 10 years as Manager Assistant, I gathered professional experience in time management, official correspondence, event organization, in scheduling business trips, work meetings and workshops. Besides all these, I further increased my knowledge in office management, office IT applications, and in problem solving.

My intention is to further enhance my professional fields of work but I would also like to accomplish it in a more flexible way so I can keep a mind balance between work and private life. Thus, I have decided to radically change my way of work and take advantage of the benefits that the Internet offers and at the same time using the experience I gathered throughout my 18 years’ of work. After I attended a Virtual Assistant course and a Social Media Manager course, I launched my own enterprise, Kryva.

I am systematic and well-organised, and always ready to learn new things. I would like to assist small enterprises with the knowledge of my team and provide services of high standard for them.

The only Virtual Assistant in Italy with a decade of experience in Ferrari as top management level assistant.


leggi cosa hanno detto alcuni professionisti riguardo Kryva

  • During my time as Industrial Performance manager, Krisztina worked beside me as executive assistant. Extremely professional  and resourceful, she has shown an ability to work in an organized, autonomous and efficient manner. I particularly appreciated her ability to prioritize in a way that was timely, appropriate and autonomous.

    Stefano Lanciarini – Dirigente Ferrari, Team Leader vetture GT
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Krisztina for about 2 years. She is a very professional, affable and open person. I also wish to stress that she has always been able to find a solution to every problem.

    Egidio Calvi – Dirigente Ferrari responsabile per Performance e Strategie Industriali
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Krisztina while working as Purchasing Manager at Ferrari S.p.A. Krisztina is very organized, client-oriented, and a pleasure to work with. She efficiently managed my agenda, appropriately defining priorities. Part of my job was attending  VIP events and Krisztina, together with the communications department, was always highly professional and proactive in organizing them.

    Sylvain Dubois – Managing Director Asia at Automotive Lighting Magneti Marelli
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Krisztina during my time as SVP of Industrial Processes at Ferrari S.p.A. Krisztina has always been reliable, punctual, precise and organized. Her attitude was consistently positive and friendly. Event management and organization goes beyond the typical tasks required of an executive assistant and Krisztina has always perfectly executed them all, capable as she is of managing the most complex and urgent situations.

    Mario Almondo – President and CEO of BREMBO China at BREMBO S.p.A.
  • Krisztina worked with me for about 2 years. She has always shown herself to be reliable and precise, quick and organized, efficiently managing my agenda. Krisztina was a great help during my time as VP Operations at Ferrari, making it possible to manage such a complex reality.

    Sebastiano Rio – Brembo After Market Business Unit
  • During the time in which Krisztina has worked with me she has always maintained an extremely professional attitude. She has always shown herself to be reliable and responsible with both Ferrari personnel and external contacts, allowing me to  manage my activities in a highly efficient and productive manner.

    Sergio Carpentiere – Chief Procurement Officer presso CNH Industrial


A Virtual Assistant can radically change your life! While you can focus on building and improving your own business, a VA can help you with a wide range of office tasks with a professional and responsible attitude. You can save time and energy and spend it on your own work or private life and finally your days will be more productive.

We cannot disregard the financial advantages that the cooperation with a Virtual Assistant offers. Since you will pay only for the actual work on a contractual basis, (on an hourly basis or on the basis of the favourable package deal) you do not have to cover the general expenses of employee-related taxes and office space/equipment. At the same time, it is a solution that leaves a professional impression which we cannot neglect in business life.


The Virtual Assistant is a new profession that replaces many services of a traditional secretary. Let’s see some of the services we can offer:

  • Handling your correspondence, emails
  • Official and private correspondence in Hungarian, Italian, English, and German
  • Planning meetings and discussions, keeping schedules
  • Document editorial tasks with MS and iOS systems
  • Making presentations
  • Organizing workshops and work meetings
  • Planning business trips and making reservations
  • Telephone assistance
  • Archiving documents and business cards
  • Editing ebooks


Do you have to organize a business or private event but neither the necessary staff nor the time is at your disposal. Kryva is at your service. We can assist by either providing the necessary staff or by organizing the entire event from planning to execution.

  • Planning and organizing events
  • Event organizing secretariat
  • Creating invitation and greeting cards, desktop publishing
  • Shipping of greeting cards and presents
  • Finding private and corporate gifts, having them produced or purchasing them
  • Working out the itinerary of trips and journeys
  • Web site dedicated to the event
  • Social media marketing dedicated to the event
  • Press releases


Your potential clients are present on the Internet and on different social networking websites. You should also be there! Let’s see some of the online marketing services that ensure your adequate and successful presence.

  • Registration on social networking websites and building a network
  • Starting a blog and keeping on publishing there
  • Creating newsletters
  • Creating and managing Web sites and e-commerce sites
  • Website maintenance
  • Introducing a product on the Italian market

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More and more entrepreneurs and people pursuing their independent work like doctors, lawyers, accountants, coaches and consultants turn to Virtual Assistants since they can work with highly qualified assistants and at the same time these Virtual Assistants are employed only for real tasks and paid for the actual work. This is a favourable solution for smaller enterprises and companies that do not run their own secretariat and communication office but would need a highly qualified professional who can assist these businesses by accomplishing administrative everyday tasks.
You can save time that you can use on improving your own business and at the same time you can leave a professional impression. You can even spare 80% of the expenses you have to cover for fixed employees since you will pay only for the actual work done on hourly basis or on the basis of a semi-annual or annual package deal contract. It also implies that you do not have to be responsible for the motivation of your employees and for other work-related problems and you do not have to spend on paid holidays, extra working hours, sick-pay or 13th month payment. You can also avoid the high fixed expenses of running an office and the logistical problem of providing equipment like purchasing computers and covering the expenses of telephone subscriptions.
You can work with your Virtual Assistant for certain hours or periods to meet the exact needs of your business or you can even make a favourable semi-annual or annual contract.

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